Bruern Estate

Wholesale - Mulika/Mariagertoba blend


Mulika is a spring wheat known for its good protein content and great baking qualities.

Mariagertoba is a mixutre of 25 breeding lines that has resulted in a high gluten, high protein grain perfected over the years by Anders Borgen of Landsorten. 

United they make for a wonderful baking flour! 

Available in 16kg and 25kg bags. Priced at £1.60 per kg. Wholesale delivery available, discuss directly with Henry (see below).

Ideal for breads and pasta. 

Protein: 13.8%
Hagberg: 326

Field location:  51.872939, -1.631738

N.B. There are no artificial additives in our flour and any blending of grains is done in the field, not in the mill. 

We enjoy building relationships directly with farmers, bakers and consumers, to show you that you can eat delicious pastries and bread with flour grown locally. We are challenging the current food and farming system, building a community and network where we improve biodiversity, reduce the supply chain and connect people to the food they eat in a meaningful way.

To become a wholesale customer or visit the farm email henry at  or call him on 07805566773