Fifield Road Apothecary

Magical Herbalism Weekend at Bruern Farms with Elisabeth Brooke, May 11 & 12, 10-4 pm


We are thrilled to welcome bestselling author and esteemed herbalist Elisabeth Brooke to Bruern Farms for a very special spring weekend workshop. 

Magical Herbalism Weekend-The Four Temperaments, Herbal Astrology & the Sanguine Person

In Beltane season take the opportunity to slow down, be with the plants and learn some astrology and the Temperament of Spring.  The 17th century physician and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper taught that the Sanguine person is full of enthusiasm and energy, like Spring; when everything is growing and there is hope and optimism. Plants of this season are ruled by Jupiter and they themselves are expansive and mood elevating.

During the weekend we will sit with the plants in deep meditation and also discuss and learn about the Sanguine Temperament and the planet Jupiter.

No experience necessary, just an open mind and heart.

The workshop will be held in our light filled creative workshop space at Home Farm Yard, Bruern, just down the road from our farm shop and cafe. Both days will run from 10-4, and include lunch, tea and coffee. You will want to bring a pen and notebook but we'll provide the rest. 

Elisabeth Brooke has been in practice since 1980 and has run workshops and trainings worldwide. She is the author of 9 books, including the best-selling "A Woman’s Book of Herbs" and "Traditional Western Herbal Medicine", as well as the soon to be released "Ageing Gracefully-A Holistic Guide to Later Life", coming in April. 

You can find out more about her on her website