Fresh from our fields at Bruern, we are hand growing and harvesting nutritious vegetables at affordable prices for the local community. 

All 2021 members will receive a 10% discount on all food items from the shop. Once you have signed up and paid your first monthly fee we will send you the discount code. 

 2021 Season: 26 weeks starting Saturday May 15th and running through Saturday 20th November 2021.



              Box Size 

 No. of   Items

Pay monthly for 26 weeks (starting May 2021)

Pay monthly over 12-month period (starting November 2020)

Small  (1-2 people per week)




£48 per month

(£12 per week)

£24 per month

(£6 per week)

Medium  (1-3 people per week)



£66 per month

(£16.50 per week)

£33 per month

(£8.25 per week)

Large  (1-4 people per week)



£84 per month

(£21 per week)

£42 per month

(£10.50 per week)

Extra Large (4+ people per week)



£102 per month

(£25.50 per week)

£50 per month

(£12.50 per week)



What’s going to be in the box?

Seasonal, super fresh produce! A mixture of roots, leaves and fruiting crops that moves and changes with the seasons as certain crops become available.

Boxes will be varied and always have a balance of different crop types and may occasionally contain some unusual veg (think kohlrabi, tomatillos, Jerusalem artichokes etc) but we will try and include some staple crops each week and provide some yummy recipe ideas for those more unusual items!

Add ons

Bruern Pastured Eggs: are available to pre-order with the boxes - and some will generally be available to purchase on collection day. We will also be selling these during the week from the farm.

6 eggs- £2.20/ 12 eggs- £4.20

Frozen Meals: We will also have a range of frozen lamb, beef and venison meals sourced directly from the farm. These can be picked up with the veggie boxes or bought separately online later on in 2020 (10% discount for veggie box members). 

Collection options

Pack and Collect: Please come along and help pack your box - there will be a set list of items each week and you can get hands on with the veg and weigh out your veggies - Coming along to make up your box will also give you the opportunity to pick up any extras we may have available.

Children welcome!

Delivery: If you are unable to pack and collect (or arrange with friends to share the task) we can provide a delivery service within a 5 mile radius.

Collection/Delivery days and time

All veggie boxes to be packed and collected from the Estate Office at Bruern OX76QE at the following times:

Friday afternoon / evening 3pm - 6.30pm

Saturday morning 8.30am - 12.30pm

Helping Out

Part of the fun of these schemes is involving the community and we welcome any and all participation on the farm from adults and children. It’s a great way to get your hands in the soil which is good for your mind, body and soul!

There will be regular times throughout the week where we would love some help. Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer by using our Contact Us page