This series of work is the culmination of 5 years investigating and making. Named, the Pabbay series, it is a collection of twenty limited edition linocut prints.  The more formal objectives in the works are to create elements that explore a paired down use of line, colour and contrast. 

For this series, I spent time observing and exploring Pabbay, a remote uninhabited island in the Outer Hebrides.  I made small 1-inch square sketches and took photographs as aide memoirs for my studio processes.

I make the prints by carving the lino block by hand using sharp tools to create a design.  Inking the lino block, mostly the lightest colour first, then cutting away the inked area, rolling and pulling the paper through the etching press. The journey continues until the last colour which is the darkest.  At this point the block has almost gone, one edition from one block.

Subjectively I continue to be intrigued by how we are affected by a variety of places or spaces.  I am drawn to a variety of situations that explore our reactions and feelings.  My imagery is therefore almost devoid of a physical human presence.  I would like the viewer to psychologically occupy the spaces.  I hope that my work can transport and remind people of these moments.  And even transport us to the quiet, childhood memories where we learnt to love the natural world.  From wild landscape in the Outer Hebrides, to two beds made up in an ancient an untouched bothy and a table laid ready for us to feast, all I hope will transport you.

Amelia’s linoprint “Bedroom” has been selected for inclusion by the Royal Academy of Arts Summer 2024 Exhibition.

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You can find these and more of Amelia's prints in our cafe through the end of July. All are available for to buy, either framed or unframed.