Local Partnerships

We work with many local organisations and groups that have the same values as we do, prioritising the environment and local health. Here is a little about what we do.

We are passionate about challenging a food system that is engrained in our society. We want to champion local, healthy food for local people. We are building a community, whilst trying to fix hundreds of years' worth of damage to farmland and the environment. It is a journey, we haven't figured it all out yet and it can be very hard work, but we get a lot of satisfaction out of our produce. We'd love for you to join us on this journey.

An outspoken advocate of the restorative method of farming, Henry is a tireless campaigner in encouraging fellow farmers and landowners to be more proactive in this way. He urges them to apportion land for allotments, work closely with their local communities and move away from the kind of farming backed by the giant agribusinesses, for the sake of the land, the planet and the future.  To that end, Henry was instrumental in creating the Northeast Cotswolds Farm Cluster. 

He was also key to setting up The Cotswold Grain Network, which is a group of bakers, farmers, brewers and researchers who want to re-imagine the grain economy in the Cotswolds. The group promotes heritage and non-commodity grains, with a focus on direct distribution locally. 

Male hand holds grain as it is being milled

Henry and Bruern Farms enjoy a close relationship with The Chippy Larder, an organisation which aims to alleviate and prevent poverty in Chipping Norton and the surrounding areas, and promote physical and mental healthHenry has allocated space in Bruern’s veg patch for The Chippy Larder to grow their own fruit and veg year-round. 

Everything we do at Bruern Farms is with the local community in mind. Henry is also a Member of Pasture for LifeSupporter and Trustee of the Wychwood Forest Trust and Supporter of Wild Oxfordshire.