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Wychwood Project

The Wychwood Project is a registered charity that uses the focus of the Royal hunting Forest of Wychwood to encourage local people to understand, conserve and restore its rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats. The area covers 120 square miles and 41 parishes, mostly in West Oxfordshire. It lies partly within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Cotswold AONB) and is featured in five Conservation Target Areas - some of Oxfordshire's most important areas for wildlife: Blenheim and Ditchley Parks, Glyme and Dorn Valleys, Northern Evelode Valleys, Upper Windrush Valley and Wychwood and Lower Evenlode.


Farmer ClustersFarmers and land managers do a lot for Britain’s rural environment, but there is only so much that an individual, acting in isolation, can achieve on their own. By working together, helped by an advisor or ‘facilitator’, farmers and land managers can work more cohesively together in their locality. This enables them to collectively deliver greater benefits for soil, water and wildlife at a landscape scale.There are lots of different approaches to landscape scale conservation, but farmer clusters are designed to start life at the farmer level,under the guidance of a lead farmer and a trusted conservation advisor. 
Chippy Larder


The Chippy Larder is an innovative concept in Community Larders, providing low cost, high quality food. It is supported and obtains food from SOFEA (based in Didcot).



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