Bruern Flour Mill

The provenance of our grain is key. Our grain is grown, milled and bagged by us at Bruern Farms. Nothing is added to it and, unless stated, all blending is done in the field, not in the mill. Local to us means being able to show you the field the grain came from. 


Our flour is used by many independent bakeries and restaurants across the UK. These bakers and chefs are keen to work with the best quality flour they can find and to be part of our community, which is why they come back to us, time and again.

New American Stone Mill

In September 2022 we received shipment of our brand new New American Stone Mill from Vermont, USA. The stone, Barre Grey Granite, has exceptionally fine grain as well as a very low thermal mass, ensuring it stays cooler when milling. This in turn helps protect nutrients in the grain from heat damage. 

Our flour is available to buy in our farm shop in 1.5kg bags or as wholesale in 16kg or 25kg bags. We also sell boxes of small bags for retail sale in you bakery or shop. Contact Henry on to find out more about wholesale options.

Are you a chef or a baker, interested in sampling our flour? Get in touch with Henry (on the email above) and we can arrange to deliver a sample to you.

Our Approach

Diversity is the key to a healthy world - diversity in our hedgerows, woodland, fields and grain varieties. 

 The health of the environment, of the land itself and of our community, have been our priorities and that is why provenance and transparency have always been held close.

We see this work as very much challenging the current agri-business model to create an alternative economy that increases diversity; engages buyers; shortens the supply chain and empowers farmers.


Flour Varieties From Bruern Flour Mill:


Einkorn flour at Bruern Farms






A stoneground wholemeal flour. This is the oldest grain there is. It is full of protein, iron, antioxidants and fibre. This flour has a deep nutty flavour and its low gluten index makes it easy to digest. A wonderful flour, perfect for baking bread, cakes and pancakes. What's not to love?

Hagberg: 246

Protein: 17.2%

Location Grown: 51.868823, -1.625964

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Miller's Choice

A stoneground blended wholemeal flour. This flour is a handpicked blend of wholemeal ancient grains that provide a flavourful flour packed full of minerals, vitamins and fibre. Perfect for baking bread, biscuits and pastry.
Hagberg: 304
Protein: 10.85%
Location Grown:  51.864186, -1.639697
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Spelt Flour Bruern Farms

A stoneground wholemeal flour. This is an ancient grain, grown in Great Britain for over 4,000 years. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, it is similar to a modern all-purpose flour, but this one bursts with great taste! Perfect for cakes, cookies, muffins and crumbles.

Hagberg: 298
Protein: 16%
Location Grown:  51.873593, -1.626436
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Bruern Blend (wholemeal & sifted 80% extraction)

 A blend of Nelson, Crusoe and Chilham grains. An all purpose bread flour. 
Hagberg: 330
Protein: 12.4% 
Location Grown:  51.873778, -1.632659
Hagberg: 270
Protein: 15.6%
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Mulika/mariagertoba blend
Hagberg: 266
Protein: 15.38%
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Bruern heritage
Hagberg: NA
Protein: NA
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